Tag: 27/07/2022 KPMG


Today on the 27th of july my class and a couple of students from another class went to the K.P.M.G building their are many buildings all across the world the K.P.M.G building we went to was the auckland one.Once we arrived to the building on the first floor 6 people took us to see some of the different floors.After visting all the floors we went back to the first floor then we all went behind a green screen chose what background we wanted and posed for it.The people of K.P.M.G also provided us with both morning tea and lunch for moring tea we had sausagerolls and something that i don’t know the name of and for lunch we had chicken tenders fruit mini donuts mini burgers and salad.Before we left they gave us some clay and told us to make a stopmotion me and toa made a octopus animation where he ate a fish. Thats pretty much the whole thing hope you enjoyed!