Very hard maths


One thought on “Very hard maths

  1. Hi Rylan,

    It’s Zaria here! Firstly I would like to congratulate you, not only for doing your work but also for coming to school! I haven’t seen you in ages so it’s nice seeing you at school once in a while. Next I’d love to congratulate you because you’re the only one in our class who could understand the task. Everyone else just deleted the task or gave up on it. Yet you worked hard and pushed yourself to get it done.

    I’m really proud of you and I really hope you are too. I’m mainly impressed by how you did your work because you rarely come to school but when you do you get things done and it’s really nice to see.

    Also next time you’re at school you should teach the class how you worked it out. I bet our class would appreciate it. We had 8 – 12 people working on one slide and none of us understood it. We got stuck on one slide, and that slide being 4 and gave up. And everyone else just never started the task altogether.

    What I’m trying to say is that you’re really smart and I’m so dazzled and shocked with your ability to do such hard work. And I 100% agree with your title, this is indeed ‘very hard maths’. I really wished we got to see more of your work more often. Hope to see you at school soon and I hope to see more blog posts from you too. Take care!

    Love Zaria <3

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