Month: May 2023


LI 4: We are learning to describe Atoms

Read this website and answer the following questions about atoms:

What is an atom?

What is a proton?

proton is a positively charged particle that is located at the center of the atom in the nucleus.

What is a neutron?

The neutron doesn’t have any charge. The number of neutrons affects the mass and the radioactivity of the atom.

What is an electron?

The electron is a negatively charged particle that spins around the outside of the nucleus.

 Each element has a different number of protons. This is how we tell them apart. They also have different number of neutrons and electrons, but these can change. Helium has 2 protons so its atomic number is 2, it also has  1 or 2 neutrons and 2 electrons. This is different to Lithium which has 3 protons and an atomic number of 3. It also has  3 electrons and 3 or 4 neutrons. Each element has its own symbol.




Fun Facts About Rust!

Fast Rust Task



Work on this Doc together with a partner.


What 3 ingredients are needed for rust to occur.

Oxygen  Water Metal


Write a brief paragraph explaining the rusting process (why rusting occurs)

First Pour a little bit of water on a medal surface. Sooner or later the water will mix in the water, then the medal object will react to the mixture of the two and create Iron oxide. Then the I.O will react to the water and make Hydrated I.O the red stuff we call rust


How could you prevent something from rusting?

No. It will continue to eat up the metal


Write 3 sentences explaining something new you’ve learned from this reading.

I’ve learnt what Iron Oxide and hydrated Iron Oxide from the text. Also what makes metal rust. And finally i’ve learnt that rust wasn’t magic