Year: 2023

I’m sorry

I’m sorry. There are little things in my life that I would change, But one of the only things would be my attendance at school. Now only in the last year or so have I been sitting around not worrying about my school or its work and as a result of that I risk getting potentially expelled from this wonder of a school.

Now you may be wondering “Well if you love the school so much why don’t you come then?”There are multiple reasons for this that i will explain. 1. Work at home. I want to keep this one short because I don’t want whoever is reading this to know everything about me but to keep this as short as possible I’ll give this short explanation.

For about 2 months my family has decided to move out, And we have begun to start packing our things for the past month or so. But the process has been very slow for Reasons Personal. When we finally move I may be able to come to school with a consistent schedule.

2.My reckless behaviour towards Pt England. February 2nd I believe 2023, This day I felt calm, Relaxed not a problem in the world. Then I realised that the first day back at school was today! I wanted to rush and get my uniform and run to school, But my ego got the best of me. I asked my parental figure if I could Wag today.

They said yes. I was excited and began to wag day after day after day. Again you may be wondering “Why would anyone let there child skip school for THAT long?” it’s because I was the only one besides my parental figure with some form of sanity. I had the job of cleaning the house daily and watching over my little brother, and with a recent event involving one of my cousins- You get the point and this is going on for too long.

Now I could go On and on about all this stuff but I kinda need to catch up on school work so sorry. In total: I’m sorry to any teachers, principals or even students that I’ve offended by not coming to school or even doing my school work from home. 

Yours truly Rylan Taylor

Yes there is! a Math Problem! (Rylans return to maths)

Hello everybody and once again i have returned! (Expect monthly posts) Now i know that i have a inconsistant schedule towards anything in general, But i beg of you to forgive me. There are things in my life that i would like to keep personal. With those reasons being the reason for my uploads and i hope you can one day see why. But enough about more heavy themes! Lets sit back grab some snacks, And point out any of my mistakes in this presentation