Year: 2022

I am now shrek

Hello there, welcome to my swamp blog.My name Shrek and I came from a swamp made by me,unfortunately I don’t fit in the kingdom far far away.I am an ogre and am the shortest orge alive.I have brown eyes and am the king of the kingdom of far far away.I prefer to live alone but I’m very selfless and kind to all of my friends and family. I also break mirrors with my roar (not face) sometimes.My favourite thing to do is sit down in my mud pool and eat eyes on jam and eyeball glass. Things Only Adults Notice In Shrek

I hope everyone have a good day today and i really am turing into shrek please he-

My poem for R.E.S.P.O.N.B.I.L.I.T.Y

Respect other
Enjoy being your age
Protect people
Observation (as in looking out for others)

Sensible to people


Be kind
Love everyone you meet

Incredibly nice
You better be following these rules



today is friday of 2022 1st of april.We had to finish all of our work this week! i wasnt able to do it because i wasnt here most of the week.But i was able to finish it off all in one day how lucky.Thank you.

About me

hello my name is Rylan i am 11 years old and in the seventh grade of school and i am in the fourth room of team Five.I sit next to my friends Elijah Jacob and Leonidas in class And i am also very intelligent when it comes to mathematics .My favourite fast food restaurant is tied up with burger king and KFC.I have 4 elder siblings my older sister Kelly who is in room 3.And my three older brothers Troy Marshal and Dylan.two of my brothers are in Auckland when one of them is in Gisbone And i am filled with joy to know that i am i this wonderfull class with my awesome new teacher